Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All-around package

This is another girl whose tits are so impressive, you might be tempted not to notice her extraordinary ass:

Best picture (a classic):

Impressive nips

This girl's been around a while and I've always felt like I should like her more than I do. She has very imprressive parts, but somehow the whole seems to be missing something, Still, her nipples are at the top of the class:

Best picture:

Bunny in green

If you've been reading along, you may be tired of my obsession with Bunny. But if you're as hooked as I am, you'll want to see this gallery. She starts out in a see-through underwear ensemble and strips brilliantly. She really is one of my favorites:

Best picture

Bunny again, in a French maid's uniform

Bunny shows up here in a maid's uniform and it's surprisingly erotic. Not only is she among my favorite girls, but the uniform adds something. If you'd asked me if I'd be impressed by such a thing, I'd have said no. But now I've seen it, there's just something so porno about it, I really like it:

Best picture:

(very rare for me, no tits)

Super puffies

I've seen this girl around a bit and it's very hard to take your eyes off her immensely puffy nipples. But if you look at the rest of her, you'll see that she's pretty, flirty thing with a nice body. I really like the area between her tits.

Best picture:


Brianna may have been my favorite all-around porn girl, at lesat before she got pregnant. look at those eyes, that nose, that mouth, those tits, those hips. Every inch of her is (or at least was) classic. She's the standrad by which I judge all others. This isn't one of her best galleries, but is still a classic:

Best picture:


Even though her face is only okay, this girl really turns me on. A much better tahn average bikini shoots with lots of on-all-fours poses, this gallery shows how porn should be done:

Best picture: